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First Breakdown

doogiesddoogiesd Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
After 4 years of meticulous service and babying taking out the '03 SD237 out for the first time this year at Lucky Peak reservoir in Boise ID.  Cruising about 3k RPM started noticing power loss at a micro level then the throttle became un-responsive so popped the hatch and find water spewing all through the engine compartment.  Barely able to make it back to shore we limped to solid ground where further inspection showed that a water hose had cracked at a bend and water was halfway up the engine.  Thankfully I had an emergency radio where I could get a hold of the sheriffs and get a tow in.  My lessons learned?

1.  My boat is bad ****, it was full of water through the bow and barely showed any signs that it was basically 'sinking'
2.  The Sheriff commended me when he asked how I got to them and I explained about the uniden radio I had 'just in case'.  His reply, .."it just paid for itself, good job not many people think that far ahead and most after a problem has already happened".
3. People are forgetting boating courtesy. We sat on a steep shore with the engine compartment open and distress flag displayed and not a single person stopped.  I'll still live by that if I see anyone in distress on the water my day stops and their problem is now my own..

Overall **** glad to be here.. and plan for the worst folks but expect the best time on a Hurricane Deck boat..
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