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Gas Gauge Accuracy ?

pineypiney TexasMember Posts: 45
2009 202GS I/O
Specs state a 52 gal gas tank.
Gauge on water shows 1/2 tank.  Same on trailer.  Twice, it took 35 gal to top off.  That's more than 1/2 of its 52 gal tank.
So-- is the gauge not accurate anymore ?  Is there an adjustment ? or-- is this normal operation ?


  • SuzookSuzook Member Posts: 42

    Sadly it is true, marine fuel indicating systems leave a lot to be desired. I had some fuel issues last season and did the following:  I towed my boat to a hill, popped the access cover & put a level on the tank itself to verify level after the  fuel sloshing stabilized (say 10 min). Applied system power & it registered a little lower than 3/4 full, towed to the gas station and put in 15 gallons. Repeated above operation with gauge now pinned full. Ran it again till 3/4 full-ish, refueled it again @16 gallons. While not the most technically accurate testing method it at least provided me a best guess-timate. Currently the most accurate systems are of course the fuel (flow) management type (ie. $$$) like Flowscan & Yamaha's Command Link etc. Other than that, trying to measure an engine's fuel burn rate (mph, gph, mpg) in relation to your on-board fuel is a real PITA unless that is you reeealy like math. This's because of all the variances like wind, waves, CG, speed, trim, and the like. But if it's important, Hurricane has that info for you to get you in the ball park then add a 10% plus cushion.  Cheers

    2005 GS 202 '06 Yamaha 150

    2005 Tennessee Tandem Trailer

  • bshippjrbshippjr Member Posts: 113 ✭✭✭
    I have found that marine gas gauges are only accurate when full and empty.  Mine shows full and then drops to about 1/2, and then drops to 1/4.
    2000 Hurricane SD 217 OB
  • SuzookSuzook Member Posts: 42

    Enough said !!!!  In my opinion "bshippjr", if we had pins on this forum I would vote for your statement to be the end all for "fuel gauge accuracy issues". Seriously, you summed it up perfectly, LOL.

    2005 GS 202 '06 Yamaha 150

    2005 Tennessee Tandem Trailer

  • DedgeDedge Member Posts: 1
    My boat seems to be getting stuck at 1/2 full anyway of opening up the tank to verify the float is free?
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